The long wait is over. The Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Membership Site is LIVE! We have worked long and hard to launch our interactive site, where all members can have the support they need through the learning journey with their children.

Learning is so much more than gaining valuable knowledge and developing the brain, it is an opportunity. The Ka-Ching! team developed their Business Parenting course to change the status quo.

“It is all about transforming learning into something so much more!”

This course has changed the way children learn and has ignited the relationship between parents and their budding learners. The learning couldn’t simply stop there. The team needed to keep up with these changing times. Thus the crafting of the Ka-Ching! Membership Site. We’ve made the jump towards online learning.

Sometimes digital material works better?

Consider our membership site your bookshelf with all the learning material you and your child need. The one huge difference is, you won’t lose these valuable assets.

“Life is fast moving. Losing your keys is usually part of the daily routine and they are vital. Imagine something less vital to your day to day living.”

That’s not the only positive. This platform is so much more than your own personal storage unit, it’s also your starting block.

“We wanted to create a space where parents and their children can have access to a support team, to new learning material, to new section tips, and access to other members.”

This is where the Ka-Ching! Community was formed. The idea of creating a support system, your one-stop-shop, is what fuelled these new additions to the offering.

You’ll get your money’s worth

How much is investing in your child’s future really worth? The majority of us wouldn’t put a price to that, it’s infinite! For $10 per month Ka-Ching! gives you access to your own membership site where all of your digital assets are available. This is your control room. It starts with spending only $10 per month to kick-start your child’s learning and journey to success!

“It’s amazing! We have transformed our hard-copy material into online material. You’ll get a step-by-step online course once you invest in your child’s future.”

Our hand crafted workbook and parents manual are your two go-to documents. It’s filled with countless pages of learning and the potential to grow. It’s making business, entrepreneurship, finance, and life skills fun and easy to grasp.

You’ll also take hold of our motivational and operations documents. Find out ‘how to’ and ‘why’ with these two invaluable pieces of material.

“The great thing is now you have access to our Facebook community group, constant support and access to new monthly learning material.”

The learning never ends for the Ka-Ching! team and fortunately it neither does for our community members. Never stop learning, is something that the team fully believes in!

It’s time to start the journey to your child’s success

Find out more about Ka-Ching! Business Parenting and see for yourself. If it’s a no brainer for you, and you want to sign up right away, perfect! Check out what the Ka-Ching! team have to say about their new community.

If you need a little more convincing, perfect! Head over and find out more, check out our Facebook page and check out web page for everything you need to know.

“Check out some of our past blogs. They will do all the talking! If you’re anything like us you’re going to need serious influencing when it comes to purchasing something online. The info is flowing – Check it out!”

Even better. If you want some one on one time with the Ka-Ching! team to find out more, let’s get in touch. The team is only an email, Skype call or phone call away. Head over and find out more about what Ka-Ching! has to offer you and your little champion in the making.