It’s time to Ka-Ching on your child’s future- and it all begins today!

If you joined us on our previous blog and you were left with your appetite wet and wanting more, this is just for you! Now that the journey has been written on the walls and you have an in, on this growth experience for your children, we want you to see the real value!

If you are one of our readers who sees a gap in your child’s education and wants to help re-write their destiny, Ka-Ching! will get you there! If you believe that traditional schooling is not the only solution to educating our children and want to see them master basic life skills, business skills, entrepreneurship skills and financial management skills- then you have come to the right place!

And so the crash course begins!

Let’s jump right into what you can expect once you’ve begun the Ka-Ching Business Parenting programme– this isn’t something you want to miss out on! Your child’s journey of success will be broken up into three elements: Projects & Finance, Success Skills and Important Resources. Let’s go deeper and begin this step-by-step adventure with our children…

Ka-Ching Business Parenting Toolkit- Your Child’s Success!

The first element deals with Projects & Finance which paves the way for the introduction of business projects. It subtly emphasizes the importance of planned and disciplined money management which includes saving and investment!

Do you think Pocket Money & Saving is important? The answer is yes! In this section we will dive into the pros and cons of various pocket money systems, budgeting plans and record keeping and reasons for giving your children pocket money. The focus is on using pocket money systems to encourage financial disciple in our children and to provide the basis for saving, before applying these principles to running a small business and wealth creation.

It’s time to start developing our young entrepreneurs. The Business Models section focuses on five logical stages of development. With your help, advice and guidance, your children will progress across different levels of growth. What this begins to foster is self-confidence, high self-esteem, strengthening of family bonds, self-belief and awareness of basic business skills.

Let’s get the imagination going! The Business Ventures section dives into different examples of business projects for our young entrepreneurs. This section is crammed with ideas that will begin to get the creative juices flowing. The great thing is, our children will get equipped with not only ideas but also a variety of business principles to help guide the process.

Now that the growth has begun, let’s dive into the Investments section, where we learn about diverse areas of financial planning! We will tackle understanding principles of investing our money- making our money work for us rather than working yourself for your money.

And now it’s time for Wealth Creation! “Financial intelligence is not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep and how hard that money works for you.” Robert Kiyosaki. To complete the first element of our child’s journey of development, we will provide you with advice about the basic skills of wealth creation. This section will help you prepare your child for a future of creating wealth.


Now onto the second element of the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting programme, Success Skills. We are going to be diving into eight specific success skills that are going to hugely benefit your children. Each of the skills will be worked through in detail with plenty of practical activities aimed at reinforcing learning!

Journey towards your child's success

We all know the value of Brainstorming! In this section we will unpack how to practically brainstorm- generating ideas, opinions and comments. This may be the first time your child has explored the many thoughts that fill their brains- enjoy it!

Practice makes perfect! As the saying goes, the next section is Mind Mapping. This is probably the most valuable time saving and organisational tool of all and we will help your children master this art.

It’s simple to think effectively- Right? Wrong! Although we can learn how to think effectively, it is not always one of our natural skills. We will be diving into the next section, Thinking Skills, where we will learn how to start to think effectively.

We wish we all were great at setting goals! This section is Self-Assessment, Goal Setting and Forward Planning and we will begin to look inwardly at our children’s strengths and weaknesses and move toward setting clear and attainable goals.

Maybe Problem Solving doesn’t come naturally to us all- That’s ok! In this section we will teach our children to become problem solvers and not problem finders. We will foster a positive approach towards problems and learn how to find solutions.

Meetings are an essential part of our daily lives! In this section, the Meeting Procedure, we will learn how to run effective meetings, with the main focus on crafting good listening and communications skill. It will help take the fear away from public speaking and encourages thoughtful thinning and emphasizes the importance of sharing ideas- this section is golden!

We think Public Speaking is so important that we couldn’t end just yet! We believe that this is one of the most vital skills a child can be taught… Our children will have the opportunity to speak and be heard and listened to.

They say that we only use 10% of our brains capacity- there must be tremendous room for development! That’s what we think. We have the capability of so much more. In this section, Memory Training, we will be introducing the fascinating concept of memory training techniques and begin the exciting journey of development.


Last but certainly not least! The final element of the Ka-Ching! Business parenting programme is Important Resources. We don’t just want to leave you hanging! We have crafted the perfect sources of material to guide you and your children through this exciting journey. From games and worksheets to, books, software, websites and guidelines- you will not be left stranded along the way.

Your Child's Success Journey

And that’s a wrap!

That must be the ultimate tool kit to launch our children onto the Ka-Ching! path towards greatness. If this glimpse of what we have to offer has only just whet your appetite, it’s time to take your first step of the journey!

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