We have exciting news! Ka-Ching is going to be launching its very first online learning membership site. We want the learning to continue and the support to never end. We want learning, developing and growing to be made easy with our online learning platform. This exclusive community will be at the forefront of education and giving your children what they need to succeed after school.

What’s it all about you ask? Well, we wanted to create a space where learning is simple and encouraged, and we wanted a platform where this can all happen. It’s about having an easily accessible online learning platform where all resources and material are stored. But, it’s so much more than just that. This is where the Ka-Ching! community begins!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve stepped into something new and along the way you’ve felt lost and unsure of what the next step should be? If only you had the answer to your question! The ‘why’ of the Ka-Ching! online learning platform is to solve this problem. It’s really about ease of access to your learning material, it’s about having access to support resources and it’s about having a space to continue your learning.

It’s not about a big deal, it’s about being a massive deal! The Ka-Ching! online learning membership platform has awesome features that will take your learning to a whole other level. The great thing is, once you make the first payment, the platform is all yours, and with your own personal profile, this is where the fun begins!

What would you expect from a membership site? We’re glad you asked. This online learning platform is all you’ve ever wanted and more! Not only do you join the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting community but you have so many other add-on’s.

Curious about what you get? Great! Let’s take a closer look at what online learning features you receive once you’ve joined the Ka-Ching! community.

a. Membership Page

This is where the action all begins. This is your own personal profile where all of your online learning resources are available once you’ve joined the community. Consider this your one-stop-shop.

b. Closed Facebook Group

This is where the community expands. From your personal online learning platform, to a group where all Ka-Ching! community members will gather. The group is exclusive to Ka-Ching! members only, where our team will support you, growth with you and keep you up to date with upcoming resources and valuable learning material. The great thing is that it is more than that, this is the platform where all our community members will be able to help one another, ask questions and share stories.

c. 4 Digital Assets

  • Parenting Manual

The great thing is you will have access to your own Parenting Manual online learning resources. Consider this your road map to your child’s success. The great thing is it is stored safely and is easy to find and access.

  • Parenting Workbook

And the fun begins! With just the chalk but no white board, things would be pretty useless. Your parenting work book is your chalk in this recipe. This is where it all happens and the growing and the learning begins! Watch your child grow and develop into the greatest version of themselves! And it’s all online.

  • Operations Document

Find out how it all works. The answer sheet to the maths test. The step-by-step guide that will take you to the next level with your online learning.

  • Motivational Document

If you like stories, this is for you. This is your online guide to the Ka-Ching! journey, from start to present. It’s quite the tale and it’s all yours.

d. New Monthly Material    

If you are passionate about this, Never Stop Learning, this is just for you. We believe that our brains need to be fueled with new information and challenging material in order to grow and expand our knowledge. This is the place you need to be.

e. Videos + Tutorials

If learning wasn’t easy enough, we have made it that much simpler with our online learning tutorials and ‘how to guides’, as well as great videos that will make the learning experience is whirlwind of excitement.

f. Ongoing Support

And the icing on the cake is something we believe is the essence of this learning journey, having access to support, and a place to be heard. That is what the Ka-  Ching! community is about. It’s about you and your child’s learning and growth together.

It’s the ultimate tool kit for your child’s success and development. Our online learning platform is going to take educating our children to a whole other level.

All you need to do is watch out for our featured teaser videos and images. The arrival is soon approaching and there is going to be exciting pre-releases along the way.

Stay tuned and connected to our channels. We will do the rest!