Will your child achieve his or her dreams? Is your child’s education preparing them for life after school? Is your child taught enough life skills at school? If you answered “maybe” or “not sure”, we have something just for you! The problem is that most children do not learn anywhere near as many relevant and real life skills as they should. In fact, most education that our children are exposed to isn’t necessarily relevant to the demands that they will face once they leave school.

Most parents who we’ve spoken to feel that the education system doesn’t address the vital life skills our children need to develop, but feel powerless to do anything about changing it. We are going to let you in on a powerful secret. There is one thing that sets certain parents and their children apart from others… These successful parents understand that the key to ensuring their child achieves success, is their involvement in their child’s life and in helping develop valuable life skills.

Ka-Ching! is guaranteed to get your child exposed to practical life skills, new ways of thinking and high levels of creativity needed to achieve their dreams. Ka-Ching! is and entirely new approach to empowering your child. Take a look at the benefits of Ka-Ching! Business Parenting:

What are the benefits?

  1. Learn about the concept and practice of teaching entrepreneurship and business awareness to your child.
  2. Learn valuable pocket money and financial management skills.
  3. Learn about business projects and building business skills.
  4. Learn success and life skills for your children and how to develop them.
  5. Entrench family values: respect, honesty, integrity, and commitment.
  6. Learning through your life experience, interacting, communications and involvement.
  7. Learn to consider other points of view.
  8. Learn that different doesn’t mean inferior.
  9. Learn to be proactive and a great listener.
  10. Develop confidence and self-belief.

Life Skills for Children

What next?

If you want to kick start your child into life after school and give them what they need to believe in themselves and believe that they are capable of reaching their dreams- then take a closer look at Ka-Ching! Business Parenting.

Do you want to help develop confident children and young leaders, spend more valuable time with your children and build better communication levels and good relationships with your children? Stick around for more useful tips.

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