Ka-Ching! is back and the long awaited relaunch process is finally underway. We have come back energized and ready to take you on a journey of growth and development, helping you guide your children towards becoming enterprising young leaders. As much as we want you and your children to grow together, we know that we need to start this journey right from the beginning.

We are very excited to let you into our world of wonder and growth through the eyes of our owner and founder, Greg. This is a man who is passionate about seeing change in our families and children and has devoted countless hours to crafting the perfect guide.

Now, we may be slightly biased when it comes to our brand and founder, but once you have had a chance to meet Greg and understand his vision, you will struggle to leave unmotivated!

We sat down with the man himself, who is going to make waves of change in the younger generations. Let’s take you back to the beginning…


Where did the Ka-Ching! journey begin?


Well, I have always been fascinated with business and alive to its countless possibilities. It all began at my childhood home at the age of 10, where I was breeding and selling rabbits- my prize winning rabbits where Benjamin and Twinkle-Toes. I was a budding entrepreneur, much to my mother’s dismay when mommy and daddy rabbit turned our backyard into a desert of destruction!

I was even able to sell my father’s free Colgate tuffy-tooth-kit samples [my dad was a dentist] to locals on the street- it was all a ploy to convert my Colgate fans into earning money to buy soccer boots.

Now fast forward to a more educated version of myself, completing a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and securing the American Blimpie Submarine Sandwich franchise for South Africa, I learnt some hard lessons in that regard.

The positive is that I can confidently say that I definitely migrated away from the rabbit breeding industry! What I couldn’t deny at this time was my fascination with the entrepreneurship education work my step dad Midge Hilton-Green was doing at Kingswood in Grahamstown and later as Headmaster of Bishops Preparatory School in Cape Town.

This is where the passion for my entrepreneurship journey began… In 2003, I wanted to package and promote the fantastic work Midge was doing. My thinking was to create a seminar to guide parents about instilling entrepreneurship skills in their children but soon realized the topic was too broad.

The ‘parent’s kit’ was slowly developed to help parents along the journey to create enterprising children. In 2005 it all began to happen- The Shuttleworth Foundation sponsored the final development of the course which lead to the development of Ka-Ching! Business Parenting course. It was official! We launched in 2006!

The journey has begun but now it’s our time to make the difference!


What is the vision for Ka-Ching!?


It’s big but primarily to provide parents with a guide to help their children become financially savvy, and so much more! It’s about working together to create a more enterprising youth, who seek out opportunities, who are rich with confidence, solve problems and who understand the basics of business, entrepreneurship and who have mastered basic life skills. We want to empower children with skills that they may miss out on and give them the ability to see life differently- with its countless possibilities! I want this not just for my children but for all parents.


What is unique about Ka-Ching!?


This is something that we made sure we nailed! Ka-Ching! provides parents with the opportunity for their children to learn life skills, entrepreneurship skills and vital financial literacy skills in a non-threatening environment- and the great thing is that it also helps build relationship between parents and children.

The reality that I found is that maintaining good relationships with my children wasn’t always easy- and it still challenges me, but what I learnt is that there are ways to rise up as parents. I guess the truth is, a healthy family is built on good relationships- and relationships take time [don’t we know it.] – You’re probably wondering where I am going with this, stay with me!

If we get practical, there are a few ways we can foster these good relationships:

  • Making a conscious effort to build and maintain a
 sound relationship with your children:
  • Making time to spend with them; and
  • Spending time with them engaged in activities, playing games, having fun and helping them acquire new skills.

This is what we are most excited about! The Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Course has been created to help you achieve these goals- you get to spend time with your children with activities which are fun, while at the same time teaching your children valuable skills [this content is pretty good!]


Why is there a need for Ka-Ching!?


I want to break the pattern were children are not taught personal financial management skills- it sometimes becomes a scary cycle! The reality is schools are focused on traditional education and often fail to teach children to become financially astute- are teachers expected to teach their learners how to cleverly and responsibly handle money?

The situation is, parents are often left to help their children become financially savvy- But many parents feel inadequate to teach their children because they may have managed their own financial affairs poorly! Ka-Ching! has been crafted to help champion our children through their new skills and pave their way forward.


So what next?


That’s an easy one! If you are sitting, standing or walking while reading this and you find yourself resonating with what we are throwing your way- it’s a no-brainer! Ka-Ching! on your child’s future and start their journey of growth and change…

That’s a wrap!

All we can say is, what a privilege it was sitting down for a one on one session with our founder! I’m sure you can tell, Greg is evidently passionate about Ka-Ching! and most importantly passionate about crafting a greater future with abounding possibilities for our children.

We have a lot of exciting things to announce over the next few weeks- this is our re-launch journey and it is going to be an action packed adventure. So what can you do? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and keep up to date with our adventures! Our grand launch will be a roll coaster ride of change- you don’t want to miss out on what’s to come. Next up- Step into the Ka-Ching! world of learning…

We have a lot of exciting things to announce over the next few weeks- this is our re-launch journey and it is going to be an action packed adventure. So what can you do? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and keep up to date with our adventures! Our grand launch will be a roller coaster ride of change- you don’t want to miss out on what’s to come. Next up- Step into the Ka-Ching! world of learning…

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