Let The Journey Begin

Learning isn’t always easy and with countless platforms for learning, resources to use, techniques that work or techniques that work better than others, it can be easy to become complacent and overwhelmed. All you need is a your own personal how to guide!

We want learning and educating our children to be made easy. We want to hand over a wealth of knowledge in the clearest and easiest way possible. Learning new things can be challenging, but that’s the good stuff! That’s when the learning happens, that’s when the change happens. So we want to make every other element as smooth and care free as possible.

The Ka-Ching! Business parenting course has been created with this all in mind. If you are like us who want to equip our children with valuable life skills, great money saving tips, business tricks and entrepreneur secrets, Ka-Ching! Business Parenting is for you.

We have taken you on a journey from the beginning of Ka-Ching! to where we are today. If you missed out, you have nothing to worry about, we will be taking a quick look back shortly. Let’s dive right into our step by step guide on how it all works and how you can start the learning journey.

This is where the learning beginnings. Before you get involved and make the decision to get yourself and your child going, we want you to get to know as much about Ka-Ching! as possible. A well informed decision is the only answer.

We have valuable resources which will give you the inside scoop into what we are all about. We have made researching easy. First of all, head over to our Facebook or Instagram page which is our official feed into the heartbeat of Ka-Ching!.

Second of all, our rich source of content is on our blog which will take you through a journey from where we began, what the material is all about and what benefits Ka-Ching! has. Don’t forget our website which give an in-depth breakdown of what it’s all about.

Finally, we are only an email or phone call away! So let’s get to talking.

If you’ve done your research, you’re probably either bought in or still on the fence. Not to worry, let’s see if this changes your mind.

Once you’ve joined the Ka-Ching! community the learning begins. To join this exclusive group there is a monthly fee which is your key for the front. Once you have turned the key you gain access to our exclusive, closed Facebook group where everything you need from, news, resources, tips, guides, support, you name it, will be available.

The greatest advantage of joining the community gives you access to our members site which is launching soon. You have your own personal profile with all of the Ka-Ching! resources available at the click of a button. This is the heartbeat of the community. You will receive monthly resources, new content, webinars and interactive learning resources. This is where it all happens. It’s more than just learning.

Once you are a part of the Ka-Ching! Community your go to resource is your manual. This is where it all begins. Ka-Ching! is driven by a desire to build strong relationships with your children and to equip them with powerful knowledge and skills. The crux of it all is in our parents guiding our children.

The manual is your tool which is going to empower you to work with your children. The first step of the journey begins with you empowering yourself to pass on your passion and knowledge to your children. Our web page gives great insight into how it all works. Head over and take a look. Now this is where things get exiting.

This is the fun part. Now you are ready to start growing and developing with your children. The next valuable resource is your workbook. This is where your relationship with your children will grow and their knowledge and confidence will sky rocket. We have crafted your workbook in a way that gives the perfect balance between information and practice. You will be amazed by how quickly your children learn and grow.

This is a journey with your children. It is the perfect adventure of bonding and helping build self-confidence, creativity, problem solvers and budding financially astute youngsters. This is about helping give your children the things they are missing out on at school and equipping them for life after school. We hope this is the ingredient you need.

Finally, and the most important, for ourselves and for our children is to never stop learning. We have made sure that this is made easy. Our member’s area as well as our Facebook group will constantly be fed with new and helpful content to aid in the learning process with your children as well as lead you towards brand new concepts and topics which will keep you and you children engaged. We believe in this concept so we don’t want expanding your knowledge to be challenge.

What Next?

Do you want to help develop confident children and young leaders, spend more valuable time with your children and build better communication and good relationships with your children? Stick around for more useful tips.

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Until next time.